For Nonprofits

Strategy & Planning

Execute more effectively and strategically on your day-to-day work and long-term planning through our bespoke services designed as discrete engagements or ongoing support.

Strategic Planning

Work with us to clarify your purpose and create a strategic road map for how you will get there in a way that authentically engages your community and key stakeholders.

Business Planning

Benefit from our ability to help mission-driven social entrepreneurs define the products or services you offer and design the operations and infrastructure you need to make them a reality.

Development Strategy

Collaborate with us to develop targeted fundraising strategies aimed at securing the financial resources you need to execute your mission.

Culture Planning

Receive support to articulate your organizational values, authentically embed them into every facet of your work, and create alignment between people, processes, and systems.

Scenario Planning

Draw on our experience across the social sector to help explore and prepare for potential future scenarios, increasing your organizational resilience in an ever-changing world.

Board & Staff Development

Build, train, and sustain a healthy board and staff equipped with the tools they need to effectively support your organization’s programs, people, and impact.

Program Design

Design and launch new and refreshed programs, partnerships, products, and services that drive meaningful social change.

Ongoing & On-Demand Strategic Support

Leverage our team as an extension of yours or receive guidance and support as needs and opportunities arise.

Proven Expertise

See what leaders from nonprofits, government agencies, and other organizations with a social mission say about working with our team.

"Third Plateau partnered with us to design and carry out a rigorous, robust program evaluation, giving us actionable information about what we could celebrate, where we might improve, and changes we might make to deepen participant and partner experience."


Kate Belza O’Bannon

Chief Strategy Officer, Repair the World

"I have truly benefitted from the dynamic professional coaching provided by Third Plateau, which has helped me develop and strengthen my emotional intelligence and self-awareness as a leader, as well as hone the management of my team which includes complicated interpersonal relationships."


Lionel C. Johnson

President, Pacific Pension Institute

"After our work with Third Plateau, we really ramped up our ability to expand organizational capacity, moving from just one part-time paid employee to two full-time employees and are about to hire a third."


Kate Sonka

Executive Director, Teach Access

"Third Plateau provided a safe space for me to think creatively and expansively as a social entrepreneur. They asked me the hard questions that helped me refine my idea and articulate the change I wanted to see in the world in a way that it could be shared with others. The business plan we created was catalytic for our work, capturing our strategy to disrupt the way philanthropy relates to and invests in Indigenous Peoples and serving as a tool for us to attract significant investment.”


Nick Tilsen

President & CEO, NDN Collective

"The landscape research and stakeholder interviews Third Plateau conducted created an evidence base for our idea, giving us confidence that our services were being responsive to real gaps and needs in the field."


Liz Welch

Managing Director, Population Change Institute

"Over the past six years, Third Plateau has partnered with us to deepen our impact and expand our reach. When we started working together, IYT served 700 young men of color in 7 schools. Today, we serve 4,000 in 63 schools across seven counties. Their team has guided us at each transitional point, working side by side to help plan, build, and problem solve. They are the best social impact consultants in the world!"


Michael Lynch

Co-Founder & CEO, Improve Your Tomorrow

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