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Our Impact

As a full-service social impact consulting firm, we are dedicated to providing leaders and organizations with the expertise and collaborative support needed to drive effective social change. Our work revolves around three core principles: committing to profound partnerships, creating space and inspiration for audacious optimism in the pursuit of a better world, and navigating complexity with clarity.

We support leaders and organizations who share our vision for a world with equitable opportunities, and who are willing to invest in the hard work necessary to turn that vision into reality, finding fulfillment in the process. They seek our expertise to bring clarity to intricate challenges, enabling them to drive bold, data-informed, strategically aligned, and values-based social impact. With our guidance, they have achieved milestones that were otherwise unattainable.

Since 2011, we’ve partnered with more than 400 clients to consistently deliver tangible results. Join us in shaping a future where impact knows no bounds.

Client Partners

We've worked with a diverse array of nonprofit organizations, foundations, public agencies, and businesses, including Alianza for Youth Justice, Covered California, Hewlett Foundation, James Beard Foundation, Jim Joseph Foundation, John Pritzker Family Fund, Los Angeles Philharmonic, NDN Collective, New Pluralists, Pritzker Innovation Fund, Repair the World, Resetting The Table, Teach Access, and The Breakthrough Institute. Click here to view a partial list of our clients.


Leaders across civil society, philanthropy, government, and business are increasingly recognizing the imperative of addressing the health of American democracy. Our Democracy team at Third Plateau offers advising, strategy development, convening, and network management to maintain and advance the health of liberal democracy in the United States and across the globe. Click here to learn more about Democracy at Third Plateau.

Jewish Community

Our Jewish Community Impact team at Third Plateau works with Jewish leaders and organizations to navigate complex challenges with confidence, alignment, and self-awareness — helping them to increase their impact and drive meaningful social change within their organizations, the Jewish community, and the world. Click here to learn more about Jewish Community Impact at Third Plateau.

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