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Hirsch Philanthropy Partners has joined with Third Plateau

November 2, 2023

Dear Community,

For years, Third Plateau and Hirsch Philanthropy Partners have collaborated to solve pressing community needs and safeguard our democracy. We’re connected through a shared passion for proven and fresh solutions to the urgent challenges of our time. Collaboration is core to both firms’ identities and we leaned into opportunities to learn from each other’s work, which we considered to be the best in the fields of philanthropic advising and social impact consulting.

Earlier this year we started asking ourselves, “What could we accomplish if our firms not only collaborated, but joined together?” The answer was clear: we could do more to create a world that doesn’t yet exist but we know is possible – a brighter, uplifting, and more equitable world for all.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Hirsch Philanthropy Partners has officially joined with Third Plateau. Our combined firm will be led by Co-Founders and Principals Mike Berkowitz, Daniel Kaufman, Jonathan Kaufman, and Susan Hirsch. This merger grows our team to 80 brilliant advisors, strategists, researchers, and innovators across the country, with geographic expertise in California and nationally.

We offer philanthropists, funder networks, nonprofits, and the public sector an array of enhanced services, including: philanthropic advising, strategic planning, program design, foundation management, back office support, research and evaluation, leadership development, and more. Our services will be delivered with the same custom, authentic approaches our partners have come to count on.

In these deeply challenging and uncertain times, thank you for continuing to work with us to think big, strengthen our communities, and create lasting solutions to our most complex challenges.

Onwards together,


Mike Berkowitz, Daniel Kaufman, Jonathan Kaufman, and Susan Hirsch
Co-Founders & Principals

If you’d like to discuss our enhanced services or learn more, please continue to reach out to Third Plateau or Hirsch Philanthropy Partners.

Reach out to discuss how we can help you more effectively drive social impact.