Advising, strategy development, convening, and network management to maintain and advance the health of liberal democracy in the United States and across the globe.

Leaders across civil society, philanthropy, government, and business are increasingly recognizing the imperative of addressing the health of American democracy.

They seek practical, effective, and enduring strategies to reinvigorate democracy, understanding that the challenges facing the U.S. and democracies globally demand intentional coalition-building and comprehensive strategic thinking.

At Third Plateau, we offer tailored consulting support to a variety of nonprofit and philanthropic clients committed to democracy revitalization.

We hold a unique position in the field, serving as honest brokers and custodians of essential relationships and knowledge. Leveraging our multidisciplinary expertise, we adeptly weave influential networks, engage differing perspectives, and address short-term and long-term challenges and opportunities across the democracy space. We guide funders and stakeholders through the intricate landscape of democracy with vision, compassion, and confidence.

Third Plateau's democracy team manages two prominent cross-ideological networks, grounded in the belief that diverse viewpoints and disciplines are essential for effectively defending democracy; and leads a pooled fund focused on building support for democracy.

Democracy Funders Network (DFN) is a cross-ideological learning and action community for donors concerned about the health of American democracy. DFN is a community for funders who want to learn together, build and strengthen relationships, and ultimately identify opportunities for coordination and collaboration. DFN convenes and connects funders, curates programs, develops informational materials, and advises donors on their democracy investments.

The Democracy Communications Fund is a new pooled donor fund that invests in research and communications to build public support for U.S. democracy, with an initial focus on building trust in democratic institutions. The Fund makes targeted investments that accelerate, expand, and improve urgently-needed communications capabilities and capacities, increase practitioner coordination, support experimentation and innovative projects, and develop shared infrastructure.

Patriots & Pragmatists is a confidential cross-ideological and cross-disciplinary network and convening space through which civic leaders and influencers build relationships and do collective sensemaking about the challenges facing American democracy. Patriots & Pragmatists provides a unique and supportive environment for trust-building where members of different ideological and disciplinary backgrounds can effectively collaborate and accelerate efforts to revitalize our democracy.

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