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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are proud of the diversity of experiences, academic backgrounds, and skills our team has, but we are also aware that we are not yet where we aim to be. As a family and friends-owned business, our first three ‘hires’ were ourselves – white, Jewish men. We have relied heavily on our networks to build out our team and client base and recognize that as a firm we have inherited all of the biases embedded in the demographics and credentials we bring to the table.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we are committed to incorporating principles and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything that we do. Recognizing that this is an ongoing process, you can read more about our aim, the ongoing work, and how you can join in on the conversation below.

Our Aim

We know that having diverse teammates and an inclusive work environment makes us a smarter and more creative, aware, whole team. We aim to continuously push one another’s thinking, challenge long-held beliefs and assumptions, and leverage and expand our diversity to explore new, uncharted areas. We are hungry to drive profound social impact in communities around the world and know that to be effective in that endeavor, we have to see ourselves in the communities we aim to serve.

We believe our team will be strongest and best positioned to realize our vision if we are:

  • Diverse—with differences in race, ethnicity, sexual identity, culture, age, gender expression, ability, economic status, education, ideology, experience, and more.

  • Equitable—where people from all backgrounds are treated fairly and view our firm as a level playing field; and

  • Inclusive—where all people feel complete, heard, respected, understood, valued, connected, and able to do their best work.

We know this is ongoing work, and the closer we get to creating this team, the more value we will be able to provide to the social sector and the more impact we will be able to have on the world.

The DEI Team

While integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a critical part of everyone’s job at the firm, the DEI Team is responsible for leading and supporting the company’s efforts in this area and holding the firm accountable to our actions (or inaction). The primary goal of the DEI team is to help the firm integrate DEI into the way that we do everything. The DEI Team is comprised of a diverse subset of our team as it relates to the following attributes:

  • Ability

  • Age

  • Education background

  • Ethnicity/race

  • Gender

  • Immigration status

  • Parental status

  • Religion

  • Role & positional authority

  • Sexual orientation

  • Size

  • Socioeconomic status

  • Years at the firm

The team is responsible for leading firm efforts around continuous learning and evolution; ensuring DEI is woven into the fabric of our work, culture, and policies; and evaluating our progress over time.

Reach out to discuss how we can help you more effectively drive social impact.