Welcome to Third Plateau

Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies is a full-service philanthropic advisory and nonprofit consulting firm.  Whether you are an individual donor, nonprofit, company, or foundation, Third Plateau can partner with you to reimagine, expand, and realize your social impact.

Reimagine: Third Plateau is driven by creative, disruptive solutions. We help challenge our clients to think big.

Expand: Third Plateau is committed to broad-based engagement.  We operate on the premise that individuals and institutions have a lot more power and potential than they typically think they do. We help connect our clients to that potential.

Realize: Third Plateau believes that change is achievable with a little creativity and a lot of hard work. We help our clients create social impact.

Reimagine, expand, and realize the possibilities. See what Third Plateau can do for you.

Donor Advising

Nonprofit Consulting